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About: I'm open to being dominated and cuckolded by my wife or another female, forced to submit to their needs and desires as they command. I have fantasies of finding male mates for her. Taking her places and putting her on display in public (short skirts, see-through tops, buttons and zippers that strategically fail -- pretending not to notice as other males ogle and flirt with her). I also have fantasies of being forced to watch as males fondle her in public, possibly even fucking her in public (or private). The males fail to use condoms even though my wife may be fertile and even become impregnated. I'm forced to clean up her pussy after they have finished. Maybe even being blackmailed into pimping her out to other males (even big black males?!?) without allowing her to use any protection. I also fantasize about being tied down and teased but not allowed to orgasm; being put in a chastity cage and being made to expose myself in public to other women who ridicule my little penis.
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